Thursday, April 8, 2010

Oh crappy daaaayyy


It all started with finding this in my bedroom this morning.

I am 95% positive that it's the same one evicted from my letterbox 2 weeks ago. He's come back for revenge, and doing a top job too.

Even though I only get sick once every couple of years, I happen to cop a rotten rotten cold right when my father is in hospital with respiratory problems so I can't go and see him. My nose is dripping like a tap and my eyes are watering and even my whine sounds like a foghorn

The children, like most wild animals can sense weakness and are behaving like a pack of ferals whilst I whimper in the corner and plead with them croakily to stop bouncing off the walls.

Once again my precious little rotters have managed to embarrass me beyond words by stripping to their underwear and running out the front to the neighbours hard rubbish pile and ratting for treasure.

I go and herd them back inside and get a bigger than usual grin from the postlady riding by and realise I am standing there wearing the top half of a pirate costume (because Boo promised she would stop yelling if I put it on)and a roll of toilet paper in my hand.



E. said...

I swear I'm not laughing too much.

Tomorrow will be better, I'm sure! Or at least I hope it is much better for you.

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