Thursday, April 22, 2010

Am I a Mummy Blogger???


Massive crisis of confidence - all from joining a new site Aussie Mummy Bloggers, built by the lovely Brenda at MummyTime.

Actually it started when I noticed my blog was listed somewhere under "Mummy Bloggers" and I thought hhmmmm. Well yes I do have children and they do supply a fair bit of my material click here for anything you might have missed btw.....well I suppose I am.

So I join the Mummy Blogger site and cruise around checking out other blogs, the more I click the more I cringe. Should I even be here?

I hate craft, scrapbooking makes me want to stick a fork in my eye.
I use the word fuck. I talk about penises.
I don't have a 'button'. Every else does.
There are lots of whimsical tales of cute kids.....mine call the police on me.
I sometimes post recipes but the instructions often have the word 'whatever' and bugger all measurements.
I don't have stacks of fabulous pictures to illustrate the sometimes massive blocks of text and no one will tell me where I can find them.
I don't seem as dedicated as some. I mean I am - blogging is my outlet, I'm just not sure I'm outletting the way a 'mummy blogger' is supposed to *snort

We'll see....until then I remain perfectly Unperfect cos that's how I roll.


Madmother said...

Join the club. Though I do post photos *ahem*.

Google, google, google... and me.

Lucy said...

Hey Luce, did you get the email I replied to? About images? I shall resend it to you.

And Mummy Bloggers are as Mummys are: all massively different. No right, no wrong, just all different, thank god. You know that already.

E. said...

You are a Mummy and a Blogger. Doesn't that count?

I don't know where to get all the pretty pictures either.

Tenielle said...

If you're not a mummy blogger, I don't think I have the right to call myself one either!

- I hardly ever include photos, and when I do it's because I start thinking "I don't put enough photos on my blog"

- I obviously don't have any cute kid stories to tell, although my main subject in my blog is Ianto.

- I swear (though not as much as I do in real life)

...okay, I don't have as many points as you brought up, but still. If you want to say you're a mummy blogger, then you're a mummy blogger (unless you're a dad or a kid-hater, then I'm not sure it works...)

kbxmas said...

Don't worry, we're not all Stepford mummies over there.

Watch this: Fuck, penis, cootch, divorce, lost in steamy fantasies while pouring cereal for the kids.

Did you see that? I didn't explode.

Sarah said...

Mwahahahahahaha it was evil little old me that put you in the mummy bloggers list & caused this crisis.

My blog is so random, sometimes it's about kids sometimes other stuff. I say meh, your a mummy & your a blogger hence mummy blogger LOL

Brenda said...

Mwahahaha Touche-ness!

I for one am not crafty, can't sew, can't grow a plant and consider the camera on my iPhone as the greatest camera ever. But who cares, right? My fellow mummybloggers accept me for who I am. So there.

Welcome to the club, Lulu.=)

WarsawMommy said...


Dropping in from Brenda's...

Hee! I thought that was hilarious; I am definitely a Mommy Blogger, as I post photos and have cute stories about my kids. But I don't do recipes (argh!) and definitely nothing crafty (I have no talent). And can I confess that I actually have NO IDEA what scrapbooking even is?

Oh, one more thing: go take a gander at my fucking button. ;)