Saturday, April 17, 2010

I don't get it

So I've been really busy lately so I thought an early night in front of the telly would be a good thing. I went to a friends to watch a movie because if I was at home I would find myself catching up on the endless housework and not sitting down.

For some reason when I try to watch a DVD, I have some strange Pavlovian response to the opening credits of the film. I ALWAYS feel the need to do dishes instead. I get bored through the boring ass boy/girl angst that always rears its head and often fast forward through it all. Yep, short attention span. I fidget too much to go to the cinema, so forget that.

So anyway I chose I Am Legend with Will Smith. Just because I haven't seen it.

O.M.G what a horrible, depressing and distressing film. Who thought that was a good idea? Who actually PAYS to go to be depressed and upset watching this at the cinema? I spent half the movie hiding behind a pillow and turning down the volume. I HATE that jump out of your skin moment, can't they build suspense without scaring the shit out of people with loud noise alone? Bloody hell, I'm already as high strung as a racehorse - if I want to get upset and depressed I can watch the fricken world news......

So I watched Night At The Museum 2. HAHAHAHAHAHA! So fucking funny it made everything better.

Now THATS entertainment.


Lucy said...

Hahhahah! I hear you. I Am Legend was turgid.