Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It's my bed...MY BED.


Sigh. I love them, I loved co-sleeping, I love how warm their little bodies are but I love starfishing all over MY bed just as much.

Cyclone is just so sweet. I hear a tiny voice coming from the doorway "muuuum, muuuuuuuum, mummy....can I come in your bed?" I prise my eye open to see the little fellow clutching all 4 toy dogs he sleeps with, red cheeks and eyes blinking drowsily. I scoot over and pull the doona back for him and wait for him to put his cold feet on my back.

Betty Boo is more a stealth operator. She doesn't ask, just wiggles in and most of the time I don't notice she is there until morning.

This doesn't happen all the time but if I get one child in.....pretty soon the other follows. I think they have some sort of radar. I'm always in the middle to avoid 'sleep fighting' (I'm serious, they even throw punches with their eyes closed) and therefore end up with about 20 centimeters of mattress and can't roll over.

With my electric blanket collateral damage from the recent hailstorm and the recent cold snap in Melbourne...I think it's gonna be another 2 kid (and 4 dog) night.


Lucy said...

Same. The only reason we are not 5 in a bed at the moment is cos Charlie can't use stairs in his cast. Give him a fortnight though: he'll be back to make up the numbers.

Ali said...

PMSL! Next you'll have the dog and the cat in bed with you as well.

Emma said...

LOL. I can totally relate to a crowded bed. Although mine are too little (8 weeks & 17 months) to make their own way into the bed yet (phew!) my husband & I did have them both in the bed the other morning in the hope of 5 minutes more sleep... which didn't happen, instead we just got fingers up our nostrils, in our ears etc. etc. Tiddles (the cat) was also there, giving me absolute filthies, reminding me that it used to just be me and him sprawled in the bed. (Tiddles is about 11!)